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Bullfrog Spas

Envision returning home after an exhausting day to the warm embrace of a stress-relieving hot tub, transforming your mundane routine into a daily spa retreat. Enhance your mental and physical well-being by selecting one of the many exquisite spas and hot tubs on site at SmithPool.

Bullfrog Spas M Series

Bullfrog’s M Series™ combines functionality, aesthetics, and versatility to create an elite spa experience. With its water filtration system, adjustable lighting and headrests, smart sensor technology and controls, and various layouts, this elite class of spas will melt away every ounce of stress, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. Any choice among the four spas in this class will pave the way to a peaceful mind, body, and home.

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Bullfrog Spas A Series

Considered Bullfrog’s top-of-the-line product range, the A Series™ is designed to meet your every need. This class of spas combines elevated luxury with premium performance to give you an unforgettable combination of customizable relaxation and entertainment. With multiple trim options, various seating depths, unique headrests, attractive lighting, a waterfall system, and much more, the nine different spa models in the A Series™ establish an elevated standard — a combination of luxury, performance, and personalization.

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Bullfrog X Series

Great for large families and people who love hosting guests, Bullfrog’s X Series™ is a lineup of seven affordable, therapeutic, comfort-class spas. Considered to be both value-packed and luxury-class, each spa is built with superior internal and external components and design. Bullfrog created the perfect mixture of high-end features at a price you’ll love. With exclusive elements like LED mood lighting and EnduraFrame™ construction, you will surely enjoy the life-changing benefits of the X Series™ spas.

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Bullfrog Swim Series

This lineup of spa models offers a backyard water experience unlike any other. Equipped to accommodate workouts, playtime, and relaxation, Bullfrog’s Swim Series™ is your ideal spa experience — personalized just for you and your family. Every day with a Swim Series spa can be a new experience. One day, you can build endurance and strength with customizable workout programs and premium, add-on fitness features. The next day, create priceless memories with your children in the splash zone play area. With just one spa, you can choose to sweat or soothe. No other multifunctional spa like this exists on the market today. With an endless variety of uses, you’re sure to love your brand-new Swim Series™ spa.

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Bullfrog Spas

About the Brand

Started in 1989 by the son of a pool builder, Bullfrog Spas has been leading the charge and innovating the hot tub industry since then. Their signature JetPak Therapy System™ debuted in 1996, setting a new standard in customizable hydrotherapy technology. Today, Bullfrog’s proprietary JetPak system is as strong as ever, allowing you to choose out of 18 different massage variations to customize your spa experience exactly how you want it. Luxurious, tailor-made, and innovative: everything you could want in a spa!

Bullfrog Spas aims to provide you with a premium quality hot tub that will elevate your house aesthetically, improve your health and enhance your lifestyle. Their focus is customer-centered, and SmithPool wants to provide you with the best.

The best part: their 220v hot tubs guarantee that your electricity bills aren’t heavy on your pockets. These spas are designed to be energy-efficient while providing you with ultimate luxury and pleasure, customized completely to fit your lifestyle and unique needs.

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