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Pool Installation

The Smith Pool Installation Package is Unique

We do things differently in every way

Vermiculite is used to smooth the pool floor on Smith Pool installations.

  • Vermiculite is a mined mineral that is used in the construction, agricultural, horticultural and industrial markets.
  • Vermiculite has been included in our pool installation process for over 20 years and is much more comfortable to walk on compared to a sand floor.
  • There is no sand delivery needed for your pool installation.
  • A dump truck is not needed for your pool installation, and a leftover sand pile is not still in your yard after your pool is completed.
  • Vermiculite results in a more comfortable pool floor, a longer lasting liner, and less hassle for you, the customer.

All pools are professionaly installed by our own crews.

  • Smith Pool uses its own experienced employees for our pool installations.
  • We have complete control over scheduling and performance of our crews.
  • We do not use subcontractor crews.

Our pool sites are prepared with precision equipment.

  • The most important part of a pool installation is levelling the pool site.
  • We use the latest specialized precision equipment to level your pool site.
  • We level your pool site to within a ½” on the perimeter and within 1” in the middle.
  • Unlike most installers, we do not build your pool on a bed of sand.  Our team actually levels the dirt on your property, which provides a much more stable foundation for your pool.
  • What happened to the house built on the sand? Hint: Read Matthew 7:24-27.  You probably learned this as a child.

Our installation process takes more effort, but it’s worth it.

  • Our installation team prepares the pool site for pool assembly.  While we work, our team fills large tanks with water to insure that your liner will be set properly before our team leaves your pool.
  • You can rest assured that your pool will be installed professionally and correctly from start to finish.
  • Once your pool is filled, one of our team members will make another trip to set up your filter system, provide an onsite pool school, and make sure that you are happy with your pool.

Our installation process includes a permanent pool cove.

  • Our team installs a permanent pool cove under your liner, providing a more durable above-ground pool.
  • Permanent pool cove is curved foam wedge the protects the pool’s bottom edge from washout and shifting under the liner.

We include PVC piping on filter systems.

  • Our team will hard plumb your filter system to eliminate many of the leaks associated with commonly used flexible hoses and clamps.
  • PVC piping provides a neat and professional filter system setup.
  • PVC piping lasts much longer than commonly used flexible hoses.
  • Unions are used on the piping so the customer can easily winterize the filter system when the time comes.

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Installation Package

What's Included

  • Leveling pool site up to six inches
  • Stone tile supports under the bottom connector plates
  • Pool frame assembly
  • Vermiculite for under the liner
  • Nut grass killer for under the liner
  • Liner installation
  • Sand filter system installation within five feet of the pool
  • Stabilizing concrete blocks for the sand filter system
  • In-pool steps and ladder assembly
  • Permanent pool cove for better liner support
  • Hard piped filter system

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